The Triplets Media Valley

Program Specifications

Status Aired

Format 78 x 7′

Technique CGI Animation with 2D render

Director Pierre Coré – Fabrice Fouquet

Based upon Nicole Lambert’s Triplets

Audience from 4 to 7 years old

Genre Comedy

Distributor SND

Broadcaster France 5

The series Nicole Lambert’s triplets is broadcasted on France 5 since October 18, 2014. Follow the Triplets every saturday morning and every day during school vacations. MEDIA VALLEY produced this series for France Televisions as an animated adaptation of the famous comic strips and books by Nicole Lambert “Les Triplés”, in English “Nicole Lambert’s Triplets”.

SND will handle worldwide distribution of NICOLE LAMBERT’S TRIPLETS, which will consist of 78 x 7 minute animated episodes. The TV series will be aired on France 5 in France. NICOLE LAMBERT’S TRIPLETS tells the “everyday adventures” of two brothers and their sister, exploring childhood with incredible energy and wild imagination, getting into some mischief along the way… The series is an icon of the French-speaking world’s cultural heritage, much like Little Nick, Martine, and Babar the Elephant. Published in 1983 for the first time in the Madame Figaro magazine, “The Triplets” was an overnight success.

Twenty-three comic books by Nicole Lambert have been published with over 2 million copies sold around the world. Merchandising items have already been made in The Triplets’ image including Toys, Stationery, Food & Health Beauty, Home & Infant, Apparel, Accessories & Footwear…

The graphic universe of NICOLE LAMBERT’S TRIPLETS will come to life through CGI animation which will add volume and life to the characters while respecting the author’s drawing style. The staging will give the sensation of really being immersed in the Triplets’ world. Whether following them as they get into mischief or sharing the experience of imaginary situations of their own invention, viewers will really feel part of whatever universe the triplets are in.

The Triplets Media Valley