Status In development

Format 26 x 26′

Based upon the comic books by Bruno Dequier published by Dupuis

Audience 7 to 10 years old

Genre Comedy/Adventure

Production Media Valley/Belvision

This is the story of an amazing duo. A duo made of two teenagers: Louca, a real “loser”, who collects poor grades, blunders and constant rejections from the girls, and Nathan, a handsome, talented soccer player, who just happens to be… a ghost!

Alive, Nathan would probably never have spoken to Louca. However, Louca is the only one able to see and hear him and the saying “better alone than in bad company” doesn’t apply when you really are… totally alone!

So Nathan decides to help Louca by becoming his coach, both on the soccer field and in life. Despite all expectations, that is how a solid friendship is formed between the two boys.

Soccer plays a major part in the series, but the main theme of “Louca” remains self-surpassing. Whether in sport, love, friendship or school, our hero has to make huge efforts to improve himself and impress his friends, family and especially… Julie, the girl of his dreams!

Based on the best-selling comic book series from Dupuis, “Louca” has attracted more than 800,000 readers for the French edition alone. With nine albums published to date, “Louca” quickly became a cornerstone of the famous comic weekly magazines Spirou and Journal de Mickey.