Status Aired

Format 52 x 13′

Technique 2D animation

Director Emmanuel Klotz

Based upon “Ernest & Rebecca” Comics (Le Lombard)

Audience from 6 to 10 years old

Genre Comedy

Distributor Cyber Group Studios

Broadcaster TF1 et Télétoon +

From the end of March 2019, TF1 broadcasts the animated series of Media Valley “Ernest & Rebecca” (52X13 ‘), adapted from the eponymous comics of Guillaume Bianco and Antonello Dalena (The Lombard ed.) and intended for 5-8 years. “Ernest and Rebecca” tells the friendship in an amazing duo composed of a little girl and a microbe landed in the world of humans. With Rebecca as a guide and Ernest as an adventure companion, daily life always means fun and unlimited nonsense!

Rebecca is six and a half years old and lives at her mom’s house, with her older sister Coralie, her dog Missile … and her best friend Ernest! Ernest is a microbe that Rebecca caught during a rainy day while she was hunting frogs. Since then they never leave each other anymore. Rather than contaminating humans from the inside, Ernest now prefers to enjoy every moment spent with Rebecca in order to succeed in all his plans, even the crazyest ones. Ernest the microbe is in fact the best medicine against bad mood! School, friends, home life, adventures…
Our heroes have no time to get bored! The series has received the support of the CNC, Procirep and Ango, as well as the Charente department and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. It is produced by Media Valley, with the participation of TF1, Télétoon + and ZDF, ZDFE.
Ernest & Rebecca Media Valley